Tips for Spending Quality Time with Your Kids // A Case of the Momdays

This past Sunday was a very special day — I got to spend some quality time with Olivia and it was everything!It may not happen as often as I would like, but when I get the chance, I like to take each girl out for some one-on-one fun. Luckily, we didn’t have anything planned so I took advantage of Ava’s nap time to get out with Olivia. I even skipped her nap to capitalize on this time — boy did I pay for it later !!

she got a kick out of trying all the lipstick colors

Spending time with each child is important because it lets you two reconnect and make some memories that only you two will remember. It’s pretty special if you think about it. No one else will know the conversations you two had, the songs you sang in the car at the top of your lungs or the games you played until you pass out from exhaustion.

My new work schedule makes it so I have a day off during the week, every other week. I take this day, usually one when Olivia is in school, to get some one-on-one time with Ava. We’ll head over to a park or visit this amazing bounce house warehouse just outside Houston called Bouncin Bears. She loves it!!!

walks in the park are Ava’s favorite
board games and puzzles are a great choice

Quality time doesn’t have to be elaborate or extravagant. It can be simple but just as meaningful. Even if you are a single parent and maybe you can’t find someone to watch over siblings so you can leave the house, you can still make those special memories at home.

It can be as simple as letting each child choose a special book to read before bed time or letting one child help you make dinner. Even a walk in the afternoon gives you two a chance to talk and even get a little exercise.

lunchin’ with my bestie
crafts are always a plus && it puts them to work

Making sure that there is undivided attention is what is important. Being present with our kids is what they are craving. Having a chance to do activities that they choose and doing it with their mom or dad or both is important. Josh and I once took Olivia to see a movie and she absolutely loved our date. She talked about it for weeks!!

Here are some more tips for spending quality time with each child

  1. Go to a Park
  2. Go Grocery Shopping
  3. Take a Walk
  4. Wash the Car// Dog
  5. Get Some Ice Cream// Frozen Yogurt
  6. Read a Book Before Bedtime
  7. Cook Dinner Together
  8. Bake Cookies // Cake
  9. Act Out A Play
  10. Dance Party
  11. Play in the Rain
  12. Do Arts & Crafts
  13. Go on a Hike in the Woods
  14. Play a Board Game
  15. Sleepover in Child’s Room
  16. Go to a Museum
  17. Lunch at Kids’ Favorite Spot
  18. Go to the Zoo
  19. Exercise Together
  20. Go Bowling

Our kids will only be this little for so long. Before we know it, they are off to college and we hope they come see us — heck, call even — every week. Don’t put off the necessary quality time with your children… Do it now! It’s important for them to feel like we are listening, like we are involved and that we care.

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  1. 1.23.19
    Olga said:

    Excellent article. I’ve always seen the importance of “one on one”quality time with your kids. Thanks for the tips…

    • 1.23.19
      Luna & Isabella said:

      You’re welcome Olga. Thanks for reading!