13 Best Places to Buy Affordable Work Clothes for Women

Start a new job and need affordable work clothes stat! We’re sharing the best places to buy an affordable workwear wardrobe to WOW in the office.

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It wasn’t too long ago that we were all in our most comfortable loungewear having Zoom calls at the kitchen table while working from home.

But as the workforce transitions back to the office, many corporate girlies are now having to find new work clothes.

Whether you’re a young professional headed to your first job interview out of college, starting a new job, or looking to update your workwear wardrobe, you don’t have to be a business insider to dress the part.

I’m sharing the 13 best places for affordable women’s work clothes including some of my favorite places to shop.

Building a gorgeous professional wardrobe doesn’t mean spending a ton of money. There are plenty of retailers that offer work wardrobe pieces at reasonable prices.

First thing, it’s always best to shop your closet before considering buying new pieces. Take a look at what you already own.

Also, take into consideration your workplace dress code and personal style. Some places of work require more formal looks — think a full suit, closed-toe shoes, and blazers.

While others may allow a more business casual dress code. This can be blouses, open-toed kinds of shoes, and maybe even jeans.



People have different budgets or what they deem to be “affordable.” In this case, we considered affordable items to be less than $100 — give or take.

Many of the women’s workwear at these stores retail for much less.

Here are the top 13 best stores and online shops to buy trendy workwear on a budget:

  1. H&M – H&M offers stylish work clothes at a very affordable price. Must-have snags: blazers, blouses, and dress pants.
  2. MANGO – This retailer is my favorite place for capsule wardrobe pieces. Snag classic affordable clothes that you can wear year after year at reasonable prices. Mango is also the go-to for good quality clothing such as blazers, jackets, and coats.
  3. LOFT – Take advantage of the continuous sale events for even more savings. LOFT is great for smart casual and elevated casual attire. You can find pencil skirts and work pants here.
  4. T.J. MAXX – Grab high-quality clothing at cheap prices. T.J. Maxx’s prices are so low because they buy past-season merchandise and even cancel orders from other retailers. Look for staples such as black trousers, button-down shirts, or classic footwear.
  5. TARGET – Target offers in-season, casual work clothes with a more trendy feel. Look for cropped trousers, camisoles for layering, cardigans, and sweaters.
  6. J. CREW FACTORY – J. Crew is known for high-quality, structured clothing items that tend to be a little pricier. Check out their outlet locations or online shop to snag their coveted silhouettes and styles.
  7. OLD NAVYOld Navy is great for business casual outfit pieces. Shop Long cardigans, blouses, and workwear basics at affordable prices.
  8. EXPRESSFashion-forward styles and silhouettes will make Express your go-to for chic work clothes. Shop the iconic editor pants or tailored blazers for a dressier business clothes option for less.
  9. NORDSTROM RACK Nordstrom Rack is the discount outlet that sells clothing that hasn’t sold, even with markdowns, at the Nordstrom department stores. Save on trendy pieces up to 70% off.
  10. BANANA REPUBLIC FACTORY – Grab Banana Republic-inspired clothes at a fraction of the cost. With these outlet prices, you’ll be able to grab higher quality without spending your entire paycheck. Calvin Klein also has an outlet store and may be a good choice to check out as well.
  11. AMAZON – Many retailers are now selling on Amazon, making it a great place to online shop and get some items to your door overnight. Don’t forget to check out Amazon’s The Drop collection for fashion-forward clothing items.
  12. ZARA – This retailer is great for trendy workwear with a hint of European flair. The on-trend workwear piece makes transitioning from desk to happy hour easy. You can find on-trend maxi skirts here.
  13. Thrift Shops – Thrifting is not just for casual clothing, but also a great place to find cheap work clothes. It’s also a great place to find vintage workwear pieces or designer items that someone has donated.

Here’s more about how to get trendy work clothes on a budget



A list of wardrobe essentials for young professionals includes trousers, blazers or cardigans, blouses, a neutral dress, and a couple of pairs of shoes for the season.

You will want to consider your job’s dress code when deciding how formal or informal to dress. For example, if your office is more casual, you may not need to invest in the best suits or pantsuits.


To build an affordable work wardrobe, look for versatile and classic items that you can wear again and again — think about creating different outfits

You don’t need to invest in 5 different trousers for the week. Instead, budget for 1 or 2 neutral trousers that you can wear interchangeably. The same goes for the Blazers.

Add in a couple of camisoles to layer underneath and a couple of cardigans. Throw in a pencil skirt if that’s your vibe or a sheath dress.

The most cost-effective way to dress is by incorporating an office wear capsule wardrobe. This will serve as your foundation for an affordable work wardrobe.


The best way to fake an expensive wardrobe is to make sure the clothes fit your body. Ill-fitting clothes will look cheap. Consider visiting a seamstress to adjust hems or secure loose buttons.

A seamstress is one of the best-kept secrets when it comes to looking expensive. Also, save some money for dry cleaners.

Dry cleaning can preserve your wardrobe and make it last longer than sticking it in your washer at home. Be sure to look at the cleaning instructions of a garment.

Next, stick to the neutrals. Loud prints and colors can come off as cheap. Tonal dressing looks elevated and expensive. Invest in pieces that pair well together.

Budget for a great pair of shoes. Your footwear can make or break an outfit. Make sure your shoes are free from scuffs, tears, or holes.

And finally, take it easy on the accessories. Less is more when it comes to elevated workwear attire.

Stick to sleek gold or silver jewelry. A nice watch and studs with a sleek bun look so chic.


If you want to look expensive and classy with cheap clothes, first start by redefining cheap. An article of clothing can be cheap or cheaply made.

Stay clear of cheaply made clothing. Clothes can look cheap if there are loose threads, missing buttons, or are ill-fitting.

There are plenty of retailers selling stylish work clothes with clean lines and silhouettes. Look for classic styles — think old money. It’s better to invest in quality clothing than quantity.

Stay clear of trendy items and stick to the basics. A well-structured black blazer paired with black pants and a satin cami can look super expensive and can be found at Mango for under $100.

It’s all about how you pair your clothes and style it. Remember, YOU wear the clothes, not the other way around.


This post was all about trendy work clothes on a budget.

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