True Botanicals First-Impressions Review

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If you’re like me, you get extra excited to try out new skincare products. So when True Botanicals reached out to have me try their Clear Pure Radiance Oil, I was all about it.

After a few months of consistently using this oil (it was a favorite for sure), I reached out for an opportunity to try more.

I do want to preface by saying that I was in no way obligated to share these products. but I thought you would like to either be introduced to TB or learn a little bit more about them here.

All opinions are my own.

TRUE BOTANICALS Skincare line.


True Botanicals is a luxurious, consciously crafted natural skincare brand. They are on a mission to deliver clean and sustainable products that are clinically proven to work at the highest standards.

On their site, they claim to ethically source botanical ingredients from the vibrant intelligence of nature, without any toxins or fillers, ever.

Each product delivers potent concentrations of plant actives that are known for their nourishing vitamins, essential fatty acids, and antioxidant properties.

I truly appreciate a brand that is committed to sustainability and animal welfare — not just a bottom line.

I’m amazed at their dedication to using natural ingredients and commitment to preserving the skin barrier.

True Botanicals products also carry the MADE SAFE® certified seal. Also, it’s the most comprehensive safety standard available, which certifies they’re made without 6,500 toxic chemicals known to harm human and environmental health.

They’re also Leaping Bunny and PETA certified, and their products are free of genetically modified organisms.

Their spokeswoman, Oliva Wilde, is a supporter of the brand. One look at her gorgeous skin and you can’t help but want to try the products.

But does it work?

According to their studies, in clinical trials for their Renew Chebula Active Serum, 100% of the women saw softer and smoother skin in 1 week, and 97% of women saw a reduction in the look of lines and wrinkles in 4 weeks.

I just had to try it!


As I mentioned, this is a first impressions review. So obviously, I won’t be talking about any results. I have to give products a few months to try before determining if they work or not.

It’s a lot of experimenting, ya know? But I’ll definitely keep you posted.

Skincare Reviewed

Also, True Botanicals was so generous to send me a discount code to share with you!! Just use promo code MARIASMUNOZ15 for 15% off at checkout if you’d like to try these out yourself.


You can purchase True Botanicals skincare on or Nordstrom.


True Botanicals prides itself on providing anti-aging skincare with proven clinical results. The best-selling True Botanicals Pure Radiance Oil has proven to provide incredible moisture while outperforming a leading anti-aging moisturizer.

According to the brand, their Chebula Serum helps to strengthen the skin’s immunity and helps to prevent, protect, and correct signs of aging.

With its potent concentration of immunity-building antioxidants to nourish the skin so it can fight outside aggressors, this serum leaves skin hydrated, glowing, and more youthful looking. 

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This post was all about True Botanicals.

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