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It’s here, it’s here!! My Trunk Club shipment arrived on Saturday, days before I was expecting, and you better believe I was jumping like a kid on Christmas morning. It really feels like you are opening a special present. Although I was semi-aware of the contents in my trunk (my stylist sends me some looks to approve or decline) it’s the excitement of actually getting to try on the clothes that gets you all hyped up. Yes, you could just stroll into your nearest Nordstrom and try on the clothes, but let’s get real. I hardly have any time to go to the mall and you think my kids are going to allow me to casually browse the store and take my time putting looks together? Ha! I wish!! So this really is the next best thing. This time around I was looking for some Fall pieces that can bring some new life to what I already have in my closet. My stylist did a great job — shout out to Katy — and she pulled some great looks.


I am absolutely obsessed with the CeCe plaid, sleeveless shift dress. I was disappointed that it ran a little big. I received a medium but will definitely try to exchange for a smaller size. I paired it with the Halogen loafer and this Treasure & Bond purse. Although they were gorgeous, I will not be keeping the loafers. I wear a 9.5 and they just made my feet look too big. I could pair this dress with a black bootie and it will still look great! However, I am keeping the purse.


I also really liked the Sam Edelman slit ankle jeans. This fun pair looked great, but at $98 it’s something I’m going to have to pass on. The grey paired well with both the deep red Leith sweater and the Free People sweater. I really liked the mint color against the grey. I am keeping the dark red sweater but not the mint one. The mint-colored sweater was unbelievably soft. I could just drift asleep on this thing. However, I wasn’t too thrilled about the sleeves. And maybe it’s because it was muggy and hot outside, but I could not picture myself wearing this sweater anytime soon.


Same for the Topshop long cardigan. I love how chunky it is, but it was meant for some 50 degree weather. Maybe we’ll revisit this one in a few months. Underneath the cardigan I am wearing All In Favor white blouse. This blouse had such a fun button detail running down the back of the blouse. It pairs well with anything, but I have one similar so it’s going back. The BlankNYC jeans were also great! I love the distressed look on the hem, but it was a bit too tight, so we’ll probably have to look for a larger size.


Going back to the mint sweater and grey pants look — I am wearing lavender-colored velvet block heels. I wasn’t too sure about this shoe. I love the fabric and color but man that block heel was ginormous (yes, that is a made up word meaning HUGE!) I already have large feet, I cannot accentuate with a super chunky heel — so bye, bye Leith heels. One last item that I didn’t feature (maybe in a later post) is this BP. plaid scarf. I love, love, love plaid for Fall and at $29 it was a steal. This baby is staying with me.

So there you have it! My Fall inspired trunk gave me some great ideas and looks to put together in the coming months. I cannot wait to share additional looks with you. In the meantime, if you want to give this service a try, I’ve left you a link below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Be blessed,


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