Valentine’s Day Crafts Your Kids Will Love

I love doing crafts with my kids but sometimes I have a hard time finding something both girls will love to make. That’s why I’m so excited to share this fun Valentine’s Day craft that is perfect for young and little big kids.

I went to Michael’s to search for a V-Day inspired arts and craft project for the girls and quickly grew frustrated in my search. Either it was something so simple that Olivia would finish in .2 seconds or something more complex that would go completely over Ava’s head and have me finishing the project.

Then I stumbled upon some blank canvas and remembered making a Father’s Day gift for Josh when Olivia was one. I just had her put painted hand prints and she loved it (because, hello? paint!) So I bought the two-pack and some paint. Genius!

Arts & Crafts Fun!

I found some painter’s tape and cut pieces out that would allow me to spell the word “LOVE.” Unfortunately, the painters tape would not stick to my canvas, so I had to run my fingernails along the tape to make it stick. As soon as you start painting, the tape will stay down.

I brought out a few items to allow the girls to make their mark. I had some round sponges, a pencil and a toilet paper roll. The eraser of the pencil was ideal for making small circles. I got the toilet paper roll idea off Pinterest. They made an indention and then placed a hair tie around the tube to hold a heart shape. They would dip one end on the paint and stamp it on the paper leaving behind a heart shape. I thought this would be perfect for Ava, but she was not as impressed with the TP roll as she was with the round sponges.

Both girls had a blast dipping their “brushes” in the paint and just making a big ‘ole mess. Ava had paint all in her hair, but she loved it! Olivia was a little more strategic in her design and the final product came out great!

“Creativity is Intelligence Having Fun” — Albert Einstein

I truly enjoy seeing the girls use their creativity to produce something. This project was not only fun but it also let each girl express themselves in their own unique way.



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