Vegamour GRO Hair Serum Review

This post is all about the Vegamour hair serum review and what it did to my hair.


Ever since I can remember, my hair has been an identifiable trait amongst my family and friends.  I’ve always been told how thick and plentiful my hair was.  Frankly, it was a pain in my neck — it can be a lot to handle in your teens.

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So, to my surprise, shortly after having my first daughter Olivia, I started experiencing hair thinning.  I thought it was temporary, but soon, I could no longer ignore the receding hairline around my temples.

I was franticly searching the internet for a solution and came across Vegamour

This post is all about a Vegamour hair serum review.

Vegamour hair serum review


Vegamour is a brand of plant-based, vegan hair, lash and brow products. Vegamour serums help nourish hair follicles and help with DHT production.  It helps with longer hair growth cycles and promote thicker, fuller, longer hair. 

Vegamour hair serum

According to Vegamour, clinical studies showed an 52% increase in the appearance of hair density after 4 months. And 76% reduce signs of shedding.


+ Mung Bean – contain hair enriching minerals such as zinc, selenium, silica, iron and Vitamins A, B, C, B7 (biotin) and K.

+ Curcumin – natural polyphenol compounds from turmeric and are rich in antioxidants for warding off hair-damaging free radicals. 

+ Red Clover – Contains hair boosting isoflavones, that exhibit antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. 


I started using the Vegamour GRO Hair Serum in 2019.  I signed up for their monthly subscription plan which saved me a few dollars as opposed to buying it one time. 

How to apply Vegamour hair serumDoes Vegamour Work

Like skincare, I knew that results would not be visible for a few months.  Just like growing out your hair, you have to patient and it takes a long time. 

It took about 9 months for me to see the results.  Obviously it gets hard to notice differences when you see yourself in the mirror everyday.

But around 9 months, I could definitely see the hair on the sides of my head filling in. 

I applied the serum daily at first, but then only used it about 2-3 times a week which is not what is recommended. 


Because of my inconsistent use after a year, I started to accumulate bottles from my monthly subscription.  At this time, I called customer service and asked them to change my shipment frequency to 3 months. 

With daily use, one bottle will last me one month. I concentrate on applying the Vegamour hair serum on my crown and the sides of my head.  I use about two full droplets per application. 

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  • Did make my hair fill in in areas that were thinning
  • I’ve noticed my hair grow faster
  • Also noticed less hair fallout leading to more hair density


  • You have to use continuously to maintain results
  • Monthly subscription can get expensive
  • May make scalp look greasy if applied to dry hair


Please note that you must consistently use the Vegamour hair serum in order to see results. You fill the dropper full of serum and apply directly to your scalp. 

Once you evenly disperse the serum, massage into scalp with your fingertips. You can apply morning or night.

This is a leave-in product so you can style your hair as usual after application. While Vegamour recommends applying to dry or towel-dried hair, I find it best to apply right after the shower. 

I find that when I apply to my dry hair, it tends to make my hair look greasy.  It also wets my hair at the roots so it ruins my hairstyle.  But if I apply on damp hair, then it dries as it normally would.

vegamour gro hair serumVegamour Reviews

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A quick google of the term ‘Vegamour’ may bring up a Vegamour lawsuit against filed by a woman named Barbara Blejewski.  The lawsuit has nothing to do with Vegamour’s ingredients or products.

Rather the woman’s claim is against the website not being accessible.  The suit mentions features on their website made it difficult for the visually-impaired to navigate.  


I definitely think Vegamour is worth it if you’re experiencing subtle hair thinning.  But you also have to consider your genetics and other external factors.

If you’ve had thin hair all your life, I don’t think you’ll start having super thick hair from using the Vegamour GRO serum. You may, however, start noticing more hair because of less shedding.  

There are so many causes for hair thinning, one being hormones.  As long as you’re doing what you can to regulate hormones, decrease stress, and treat your hair with some TLC, I think you’ll see great results. 

This post was all about Vegamour hair serum reviews and my experience using the hair growth product.

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