Wearing White After Labor Day & Other Silly Fashion Rules To Break Now!

Wearing white after Labor Day has always been one of those unwritten rules of fashion and it’s about time we break them! I’ll go first!! I’ve never been one to go extremely out there when it comes to my fashion choices but, really, who came up with these rules?

How To Wear White After Labor Day

After doing some googling, I found out that this rule came about at the beginning of the 20th century when people would dress for function rather than fashion. White during the summer months just made sense — especially in a time without air conditioning. Labor Day would be a time that people would associate with the end of summer, meaning cooler months ahead made wearing white unnecessary.

Houston Lifestyle Blogger Maria Munoz in front of bushes
Houston Lifestyle Blogger Maria Munoz in front of bushes

But let’s be honest, white in the fall and winter just looks so damn chic! One style tip if you are going to wear white, is consider the material. Linen, seersucker, and light cottons may not make sense when the temperature drops. So if you’re going to rock the white, then think heavier cotton-blends, polyester, acrylic and fleece.

Houston Lifestyle Blogger Maria Munoz in front of bushes
Houston Lifestyle Blogger Maria Munoz in front of bushes

Other Fashion Rules to Break

Denim On Denim Is Tacky

Some other fashion rules to break right now, would be that denim on denim is tacky. I love how a denim on denim looks especially when the top is on the darker hue of the bottoms — I think it looks so good! Now, I probably wouldn’t don a head to toe outfit a la Britney and Justin circa 2001 American Music Awards (worth a google) but you what I mean.

Brown and Black Do Not Match

Another look is that brown and black do not go together — ummm say hello to my friend leopard print! Of course they go together. Imagine some skinny black jeans, black thigh-high boots and a faux-suede moto jacket!! Love it!

Houston blogger Maria Munoz sitting on steps
Houston blogger Maria Munoz walking
Houston blogger Maria Munoz

A Red Lip Is Only For Evenings

The next one is from the beauty department and that’s the saying that red lipstick is only for the evening. Heck no! I think red lips are specifically for daytime. Think about it… you’re running short on time and you need to head out the door but have to put on some make up — a red lip can make you look put together even without any foundation or eye shadow. Just dab on some tinted moisturizer, swipe on the red lip and a few coats of black mascara and you. are. ready.

I found a few more debunked fashion “faux-pas” on this article and I think you’ll enjoy them. I had quite a giggle at some of them for sure! I’m also thinking of showing you how style a few of these “style no-nos” so you can get inspired. Don’t forge to sign up for our newsletter and follow me on Instagram to stay updated.

XO, Maria

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