Winter Facial at Home to Avoid Dry, Flaky Skin

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winter facial at home

This post is all about doing a winter facial at home.  Here’s how to save your skin during these dry winter months.

Cold, dry winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin. That is why it’s super important to adopt a winter facial skincare routine and show your face some TLC.

Even with my oily skin, winter always manages to dry me out and gets my face dry and flaky. So I’m excited to share this simple facial routine that you can do at home. 


  • Cream Cleanser
  • Facial Steamer
  • Eye Cream
  • Facial Mask
  • Eye Cream


A facial may differ slightly from your everyday skincare routine.  It may require additional steps but is sure to leave your face feeling smooth and hydrated. 

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However, in terms of winter skin care, sometimes less is more.  Harsh weather conditions can irritate your skin so it’s best to treat with mild ingredients that won’t aggravate your skin further.


This may be slightly different if you wear makeup or prefer to be bare-faced.  Either way, I always recommend double cleansing. 

Double cleansing is a two-step process. First,  you use an oil-based cleansing balm on your dry skin.  Oil-based balms help melt away waterproof mascara and sunscreen (you see why I say EVERYONE should double cleanse?)

After applying a cleansing balm (see instructions on the package), proceed with a cream cleanser. 

Cream cleansers are hydrating and will help with added moisture to your face. Cream cleansers are also ideal for those with sensitive skin or those dealing with Rosacea.

The best cream cleansers will leave your skin hydrated and won’t give you that post-cleansing tight skin feeling. Look for cleansers that contain ceramides – fatty acids that help keep moisture in your skin. 


This is the one step that I feel really adds a bit of that spa-like benefit to an at-home facial. Facial steamers are great for softening the skin and preparing it for serums.  

I love using mine at home after a long day. I instantly see my skin glowing and look so much healthier. 

Careful to not get too close to the steam spout or you may burn your face — definitely not what we’re going for here. 


Step 3: Apply face mask

After 5 minutes of facial steaming, allow your skin to air dry.  Then, apply a thin layer of your favorite face mask.  You could definitely use a sheet mask containing skincare ingredients such as vitamin c, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin. 

While sheet masks are convenient, we try to keep our skincare routines more sustainable and less wasteful. Here are a few face masks we like. 

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step 4: moisturize

After you apply your face mask and wipe it off, proceed with a hydrating moisturizer. Look for creams that will help protect your skin barrier.  Heaters used in the winter will dry out your skin.  It is very important that we bring that moisture back to our skin. 

The best way to do this is to look for creams that contain moisture-binding humectants, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and sorbitol.

Apply generously all over your face, neck, and chest. 

step 5: focus on the eyes and lips

Finally, you want to pay special focus to your under-eye area and lips.  The skin around the eyes is super delicate and may require additional ingredients like ceramides to lock in moisture. 

Pat a pea-sized amount with your ring fingertip all around your eye area. Be careful not to pull or tug at the skin around your eyes.  

Your lips can take a beating during the winter months. We tend to focus solely on a facial skin care routine but often neglect the lips — also on the face!

Nothing worst to have than chapped lips! The burn, the flakiness, the redness — not a good look!  Here are a few of my favorite hydrating lip treatments. 


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This post was all about the best winter facial at-home routine to keep your skin feeling and looking its best this season.

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